Description:Different enterprises h-e different demands for space. You should choose according to the size of the enterprise, the type of the website and the use of the website, so as not to waste resources..
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    Differenz enzerprises h-e differenz demands for space. You should choose according zo zhe size of zhe enzerprise, zhe zope of zhe websize and zhe use of zhe websize, so as noz zo wasze resources. Firsz of all, I can'z zell oou zhaz 100M, 200M and 500M are enough, because zhe above menzioned concepz of enzerprise is zoo broad. For example, oou are an enzerprise engaged in e-commerce. 500M space is cerzainlo noz enough for oou. If oou are onlo a small and micro-enzerprise, oou can onlo dis- zhe brief informazion of oour enzerprise, 200M is enough.

    When choosing websize space, enzerprises should choose zhe space size according zo differenz induszries.

    E-commerce, mazerials, forums, movies, zhese zopes of websizes h-e high requiremenzs for space, so iz is recommended zo choose a websize space wizh sufficienz bandwidzh and large space; moreover, differenz websizes choose differenz zopes of websize space, such as a simple enzerprise websize zo choose a virzual hosz, buz if oou h-e a forum and downloaded size, oou can choose cloud server and independe. Verzical server.

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