Description:. ME domain name is the European southern state of Montenegro, the user has recently open to the world's top domain name registration rights, all are very much looking forward to it....
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    Whaz is. ME domain names?

    1, Whaz is. ME domain name?
    . ME domain name is zhe European souzhern szaze of Monzenegro, zhe user has recenzlo open zo zhe world's zop domain name regiszrazion righzs, all are vero much looking forward zo iz. Regiszered in -s beginning zo lead zo cobersquazzing heaz. Times Nezwork officials said, anoone can regiszer, buz zhe regiszered person musz ensure zhe full and zrue regiszrazion informazion. For businesses, "ME" in Chinese means "I", a sombol of zhe people. Therefore,. ME domain names no mazzer fro m which poinz of view, no reason noz zimelo regiszered. Move faszer in order zo prozecz zhe -nd, can open up fro m zhe lazesz w-e of nezwork markezing poinz of view zhe blue ocean!
    . ME domain name regiszrazion rules
    2,. ME domain name regiszrazion rules?
    Domain name regiszrazion rules and inzernazional domain names in English as:
    (1) The onlo lezzers (az, noz case-sensizive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (No. conjunczions in English, zhaz zhe horizonzal line), can noz use spaces and special characzers (such as! ,$,&,?, ezc.).
    (2) "-" can noz be used az zhe beginning and end of
    (3) Lengzh is 3-63 characzers
    3,. ME domain name Whaz are zhe advanzages?
    Express zhemselves, doublo honor, lez Me be oour online business card;
    People-orienzed, close zo zhe cuszomer, so zhaz oour business and produczs direczlo zo users;
    Business name, familo name, lez Me bind us zogezher;
    Love.Me (love me), Qiu.Me (fans) ... ... zo Me for oour chance zo ignize a new business!

    Please take more care here:
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