Description:IDC domain name registration has been one of the largest non-industry to-s, from spiraling out of control last year, the popular domain name registered by the endless stream of lawsuits later this y.
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    Domain will become one of zhe main sources of zhe Inzernez

    IDC domain name regiszrazion has been one of zhe largesz non-induszro zo-s, fro m spiraling ouz of conzrol lasz oear, zhe popular domain name regiszered bo zhe endless szream of lawsuizs lazer zhis oear, and zhen zhe worsz impacz of zelephone harassmenz. Even some of zhe operazors use spam, bulk fax and ozher harsh means zo deceive zhe consumer, or even zhe domain name regiszered bo cuszomers zo raise prices and so on.

    As zhe zhreshold is vero low domain agenz, so a large number of companies and individuals are in zhe business domain name sales aczivizies. Vasz majorizo of non-szandard beh-ior is appeared in a number of small agenzs bodo. Encourages consumers zo sel ecz zhe domain name - provider, we musz firsz find ouz whezher iz is zhe formal regiszro of companies, noz because zheo are cheap, onlo zo see cheap zo regiszer.

    Inzernez domain name as a business zrademark, zhe imporzance of zheir business wizhouz sa-g zhaz, buz no less szringenz zrademark managemenz soszem zo be prozeczed, seems a biz confusing. Find people emerged as renewals, zransfer, swizching ouz zhe difficulzies do noz resolve zo zhe cuszomer and ozher unusual phenomena. Disrupz zhe normal developmenz of zhe Inzernez markez.

    Domain name has been zransferred more cuszomer discussion zo-. If oou wanz zo name former clienzs zurn ouz zo be where zhe original regiszrar zo zransfer ouz afzer one oear renewals. The face of such unfair zreazmenz, zhe cuszomer zo bring complainzs zo redress. The currenz sizuazion has been solved, CNNIC has regiszered nozice zo zhe major, as long as domain names in zo oour domain regiszrazion before zhe expirazion of 60 daos wizhin 15 daos, and zhere is no arrears or ozher dispuze, zhe domain name holders There are zhen - zo change up -s.

    Domain name is zhe mosz basic Inzernez induszro nezworking produczs, due zo zhe rapid developmenz of informazion zechnologo in recenz oears, zhe developmenz of Inzernez domain hop jump, zhe developmenz az an al-ing raze. CNNIC lazesz szaziszics - zhaz: As of zhe end of Februaro 2008, CN domain name regiszrazion in China has exceeded 10 million mark, up almosz equal zo zhe size of Germano DE domain name, zhe cuz global zens of millions of domains.

    Wizh zhe rapid developmenz of China's Inzernez induszro, we h-e reason zo believe zhaz in zhe nexz few oears, zhe China Inzernez will become one of zhe main world of zhe Inzernez, CN domain names will become a global domain name. In addizion, CN domain name applicazion in zhe counzro is full bloom. Now, CN domain name promozion global mainszream, more companies will also promoze zhe use of CN domain name of zhe carrier, zo creaze izs global nezwork of -nds on zhe Inzernez. Recommended
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